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Mallory Has Cats

Meet the cats

Stormy - Gotcha date: 6/18/2011


Miss Stormy was one of three kittens found abandoned at Spring Creek in Dent County, MO. I was able to easily catch the first 2, but Stormy was stubborn. We named her Stormy because later that night, there was a huge storm and the creek flooded. I was afraid she wouldn't have survived but I found her, hungry and still ready to fight. Only one of the three siblings was adopted - Stormy lives with me and her sister, B, lives with my mom. In 2013, Stormy caught an aggressive virus that destroyed the vision in her left eye. She gets a daily eye medication to help her blink without irritation.

Biscuit - Gotcha date: 12/12/2012


Miss Biscuit was found about half a mile from Spring Creek in Dent County, MO. She was perched on a fence post and came running when she saw me. After a vigorous flea bath, she earned the name Biscuit by soaking up all the food in the house. She lived with my mom from 2012 until 2018 and has lived with me ever since. She still acts like a kitten, even as she settles into her senior cat years. Biscuit was diagnosed with early stage kidney disease in 2022, but with the help of our vet and a daily dose of Purina Pro Plan Hydracare, it is in remission.

Orion - Gotcha date: 10/27/2022

Orion story is a bit on the infuriating side. I had some neighbors that adopted 2 cats from Kitten & Puppy Division Adoption Center in St. Robert, MO. The neighbor later found 2 more strays and took them in, then totaling 4 cats. One day in October, 2022, the neighbor came over and said he was moving away, and asked if I wanted his 4 cats. I told him I couldn't take in anymore cats, because I already had 2 and my roommate had 2. Neighbor shrugged his shoulders and said he would just let his 4 cats loose in the neighborhood. I told him he couldn't do that - the 2 kittens he had yet to fix would just start breeding. He said, "Yeah, that's true..." and then just walked away. I later went to his apartment and reminded him he could return the 2 cats he adopted back to the shelter they came from. He said he didn't want to do it and asked me if I would. I told him yes, I would. I got in touch with the shelter, and they offered to take all 4 cats in. One cat was pure black and already almost a year old - and with it being so close to Halloween, I just couldn't let him go.

We named him Orion. He was very sick. He was young but didn't want to play. He had bloody stools and would scratch at his ears a lot. After several vet visits, his health improved and he started growing and playing.

If you would like to donate to Kitten & Puppy Division Adoption center, visit

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